Fundamentals of Personalization for Content Strategy and Content Marketing

You probably understand that personalized content experiences can help you create an incredible relationship with your audience. Such experiences can convert users to customers, and create loyal and long term relationships between your brand and your consumers. Content plays a primary role in personalization. Content makes your personalization strategy a success or a failure. But to date, little has been written or produced on an effective content strategy to deliver personalization.

Join Anne Casson and I as we explore this important topic for digital strategists, content marketers and content strategists. In our first video, we give you a taste of what is to come, by exploring the fundamentals of personalization content strategy. Over the next three months, every two weeks (starting 13 March 2016) we will release a new video on this topic. At the end of the series, you will understand not only what personalization is, but walk away with inputs to an effective personalization strategy, planning for personalization and rolling it out, and tools and techniques to continue its success.

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