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Augmented Realities, Design Fictoin and Content, All Things Content Podcast with Heather Snyder Quinn and Kevin P Nichols

“Artists, designers, and creative thinkers can imagine the world anew because we are not limited by the boundaries that exist…design fiction or imagining the world anew is also a really beautiful thing, it’s how products that we need for marginalized communities, or spaces in society that have not been served well, we can imagine a better future…” That and many other insights come from Heather Snyder Quinn in my latest All Things Content Podcast.

Using Augmented Reality to Hack Sackler Wing at the Met

I start this episode by asking Heather to explain her project, “Mariah: Acts of Resistance”. “Mariah”, co-designed by Adam DelMarcelle. “Mariah” tells the story of a young woman who overdosed on heroin, which viewers experience as they tour the Sackler wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. They hear and see Mariah’s story by holding up their cell phones to artifacts procured by the Sackler family. As they go from one artifact to the next, the audience sees Mariah’s story via the augmented reality app that Heather designed. As we talk about this project, several questions arise including:  What legal ramifications will proceed from new forms of content like Augmented Reality and the Metaverse? And what happens when art responds to authority in the Metaverse? Which implications arise?

Showing Design Fiction and Speculative Design in Action

We then move onto the topics of Design Fiction and Speculative Design, key areas of interest for Heather. Heather’s career as a designer and academic explores both concepts and their impact upon society and the world. We define Design Fiction and Speculative Design and how each rely heavily on narrative structure and storytelling. Heather makes the case of how these tools may truly provide impact on society, as she answers: how designers can leverage design fiction and speculative design within a creative process to affect change. Heather provides a spellbinding interview that delves into many issues that affect content today. Topics include immersive content, augmented reality and Metaverse content experiences.

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