UX for Dummies

UX for Dummies Cover by Kevin P NicholsBy Kevin P Nichols and Donald Chesnut
ISBN-10: 1-11885-278-8
ISBN-13: 978-1118852781
332 pages
For Dummies; 1 edition (April 28, 2014)

More than just a 101, UX for Dummies is a comprehensive guide on how to effectively execute User Experience within an organization of any size. UX For Dummmies provides guidance on:

  • The benefits of UX
  • How to create an effective, measureable and able-to-evolve UX Strategy
  • Tactics and deliverables including information architecture, content strategy (and how and where it fits into the process) and visual design
  • Best practices for user research and testing
  • And much, much more

Topics covered also include: designing for multichannel experiences and how to optimize against different device features (smartphone, desktop, feature phone, and other channels), the role of social media and trends such as performance-driven design and omni-channel.

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What people are saying…

As an account manager in the digital advertising space, I found this book to be an essential reference for both myself and my current team. The book lays out every aspect of UX in a comprehensive and useful way. I especially love the sections on content strategy and usability testing, which are not everyday topics for people who are new to digital work or website development. I highly recommend purchasing a copy for the office!

Kimberly McClure

Amazon.com reviewer, July 16 2014

This series has done it again. I bought some other Dummies books, and they were all informative and user friendly, but I was somewhat familiar with the other topics. This one has given me directions and understanding of a concept I knew very little about in thorough yet simple easy to grasp way. Thank you for writing this book.

L. Lublow

Amazon.com reviewer, May 15 2014