Feel your brand is not ready to personalize your content effectively? That line forms to the left.

Press Pause to be operationally ready for content personalization.

So, you want to personalize your content. Or maybe you have already tried. Or maybe you tied personalization to a platform rollout such as a new website. For years the reports, analysis, and insights have been indicating that personalization is a good thing. It works, it’s amazing. It may even be the next best thing for helping organizations win new customers and increase profits.

But there is just one little, tiny catch to assuming personalization will produce amazing results, which turns out to be the single most prevalent point of failure for many companies as they attempt it. Personalization is only effective when it is done correctly. Do you think that sounds obvious? Well, equally daunting is the fact that most organizations are not remotely operationally ready to implement personalization or effectively execute it.

A few months back, ComBlu and AvenueCX, the new company I helped form with Rebecca Schneider, joined forces to form the Big Content Alliance. Our goal? To help organizations seeking to improve their content. Our first BCA contribution to the content industry is a series of resources called Press Pause, and the first topic in that series is personalization.

Why “Press Pause?” Because we believe that most organizations are not operationally ready to stand up content initiatives, such as personalization, for success. (We are also offering a Webinar in the near future on content strategy for sales enablement and a third piece on Omnichannel content strategy.] We also believe that there are various levels of organizational maturity required to deliver effective, intelligent content solutions, such as personalization consistently. For example, some brands may be novices to personalization, others may have done some personalization and even have the processes and systems in place. Other brands may have attempted to roll it out but either struggled with its ongoing evolution or do not know where to take it.

The Big Content Alliance has developed a set of thought leadership resources that include(s) a webinar that speaks to all three of these audiences, and three blogs on the Gather Content website. The webinar is free and features rich information on thinking about operational readiness for content personalization. Our blogs offer additional insights. You can find each here:

Webinar: How to Make Sure your Organization Is Ready for Content Personalization


Part 1: Getting started with content personalization

Part 2: Take your content personalization to the next level

Part 3: Part 3: Correct your course for an optimized personalized content experience

After viewing our material, if you feel that you want help to take your personalization further, please feel free to reach out to me directly. The Big Content Alliance is happy to help you move your vision and your efforts towards success! (By the way, stay tuned for the launch of our new Big Content Alliance website!)

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