Bailie and Urbina Knock it Out of the Park

My good friends Rahel Anne Bailie (Intentional Design, Inc.) and Noz Urbina have written a book. If you are a content strategist, you should read it. Let me repeat that, if you are a content strategist, or want to learn about content strategy, or somehow directly or indirectly work with content strategy, then this book, Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand and benefits, should be your next, immediate purchase. I peer reviewed it and liked it so much that I endorsed it with the following observation:

This work is what’s missing amongst all the content strategy material that’s out there. It completely answers the question “why content strategy” and expertly positions its business value for every single decision maker. If you have a vested interest in improving content, brand and product performance, this book is a must.

Those of you who know me know that I don’t give false compliments (unless tickets to Madonna are involved) or say things I don’t mean. So go out there and buy this book. You will NOT be sorry.

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